About Us

Architect John Eberson built The Capitol Theatre in 1928. The Capitol Theatre has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Michigan since 1985.

A full restoration project completed in 2018 faithfully restored historically significant elements of The Capitol Theatre’s original design including:

  • capitol architect.jpgRecreation of the building’s original 1928 façade, including restoration of terracotta ornamentation on the building’s exterior
  • Restoration of the ceiling within the auditorium, which will once again evoke open skies.
  • Restoration and recreation of decorative plasterwork and statuary throughout the theatre lobby, and interstitial spaces connecting front and back of house amenities, as well as spaces between the theatre and the adjacent offices.
  • Updating historic lighting and fixtures throughout, including installation of state-of-the-art performance lighting.
  • Reproduction of original theatre seats.
  • Restoration of the historic marquee and blade sign.
  • Enhancement of the theatre’s lighting, acoustic, seating, backstage, and front-of-house facilities.
  • The creation of additional performance space on the lower level for small scale, experimental workshops, performances, rehearsals, and events.

Programming at the restored Capitol will include a diverse mix of popular and classical music, comedy acts, film screenings, contemporary and modern dance, spoken word, and theater works that play to the strengths of its intimate auditorium and new flexible performance spaces.