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Capitol Memories is a weekly video storybook of Flint’s iconic Capitol Theatre presented through our new on-line archive.

Long-time broadcaster and author, Michael J. Thorp, hosts “Capitol Memories” from the stage of The Capitol, giving viewers an inside look at where the magic happens. Michael’s guests are community members who share their treasured memories of life in downtown Flint.

If you grew up in Flint, you may have a personal story about the Capitol as well — a first date, first concert, or maybe it was the first place you appeared on-stage. Your parents or grandparents may have taken you to see a show or the organ performance before a Saturday matinee. Do you remember looking up in amazement at the stars on the ceiling and the sculptured walls?


Some of you have just recently discovered this downtown gem since the completion of its historic renovation in 2017. We’re thrilled you’re here and part of writing the next chapter of history for this beloved community landmark.

Whatever your Capitol memories, new or old, we hope you'll check in weekly for a glimpse into the nostalgic pieces of history that helped turn the Capitol Theatre into a Flint icon.


If you have a Capitol Memory you’d like to share or need help taking a video, please contact us.

If you’d like to support this free programming and the preservation of the history of the Capitol Theatre, you can make a gift here.

For those of you who are new to the Capitol Theatre, find more history here.

Sep 9  Thursday

Capitol Memories - Episode 20

Featured on episode 20 of Capitol Memories is Dan Crannie.

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Sep 9  Thursday

Capitol Memories - Episode 19

Featured on episode 19 of Capitol Memories is Michael and Kay Kelly.

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Sep 3  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 18

Featured on episode 18 of Capitol Memories is Phil Hagerman. 

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Aug 27  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 17

Featured on episode 17 of Capitol Memories is Patti Bergstrom.

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Aug 20  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 16

Featured on episode 16 of Capitol Memories is Troy Farah.

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Aug 13  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 15

Featured on episode 15 of Capitol Memories is Charles Winfrey.

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Aug 6  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 14

Featured on episode 14 of Capitol Memories is Charles Boike.

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July 30  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 13

Featured on episode 13 of Capitol Memories is Glenn and Essence Wilson.

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July 23  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 12

Featured on episode 12 of Capitol Memories is Judge Robert and Lynne Ransom.  

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July 20  Tuesday

Capitol Memories - Episode 11

Featured on episode 11 of Capitol Memories is Bryant Nolden.  

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July 12  Monday

Capitol Memories - Episode 10

Featured on episode 10 of Capitol Memories is Gary Flinn.

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July 2  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 9

Featured on episode 9 of Capitol Memories is Lennetta Coney.

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June 25  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 8

Featured on episode 8 of Capitol Memories is Dan Crannie.

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June 18  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 7

Featured on episode 7 of Capitol Memories is Jason Trice.

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June 11  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 6

Featured on episode 6 of Capitol Memories is Michael and Kay Kelly.

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June 4  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 5

Featured on episode 5 of Capitol Memories is Phil Hagerman.

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May 28  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 4

Featured on episode 4 of Capitol Memories is Mayor of Flint, Sheldon Neeley.  

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May 21  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 3

Featured on episode 3 of Capitol Memories is Patti Bergstrom.

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May 14  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 2

Featured on episode 2 of Capitol Memories is Steve Heddy.

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May 7  Friday

Capitol Memories - Episode 1

This is the first episode of Capitol Memories with host Michael J Thorp! Episode 1 features an interview with Troy Farah. Special guest appearance by…

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