Ticket Resellers

Be smart. Be safe. CapitolTheatreFlint.com are the only official sources for buying tickets to events at The Capitol Theatre.

Scalpers and secondary ticket brokers sell tickets, mostly on speculation, at inflated prices on websites that may mimic our look. Tickets purchased from these websites are significantly more expensive than those purchased from The Capitol Theatre directly. Plus, tickets NOT purchased through our website may not be valid and admission could be denied.

Purchasing from an unauthorized source may put you at risk for receiving counterfeit tickets or paying too much for your tickets. You also may not be able to get help from the ticketing staff if you have a problem, as there will be no in-house record of your transaction. Help us spread the word and tell your friends!

We urge you to protect yourself by purchasing directly from the official source for The Capitol Theatre tickets: at CapitolTheatreFlint.com; by phone at 810-237-7333; or at the Ticket Center at The Whiting or one of our remote locations.